Hello there, My name is Ahmet Keleş, a 34-year-old photographer who just moved to London. I’ve acquired all the legal permits necessary to be able to live and work in the UK. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and Video from a prestigious university in Turkey, which is Yıldız Technical University, I have worked with dozens of companies in the past 12 years. Most of my productions are in the advertising and commercial photography. E-commerce: I’ve worked at Zalando Turkey (also active in the UK) from its beginning to end —two years— forming the team and the studio. Food photography: I took photos for various companies with chain stores, such as “Karafırın” which has nearly 20 stores in İstanbul. Product Photography: I took photographs and videos for a wide variety of companies, from start-up projects to well established corporate companies, which I also provided graphic and web design support. My main focus in this field is fabric photography, which requires another skillset in the post-production stage. The photos and videos I produced were printed and displayed at the most prestigious fairs in Europe. Event Photography: I photographed weddings and special occasions. Fashion Photography: I have worked with many companies producing women, men and children wear. These photos were printed in magazines and billboards, which also have digital presentations. Architectural Photography: I shot hotels and specifically designed buildings while working with interior design companies for many years. These works of mine have been published in the most famous journals. I’ve also worked with foreign companies. I produced graphical content —including photography, videography— for a Swedish towel company, a German e-commerce company, a Dutch textile company and looking forward to working with many more! You can find more information and visuals on my website which is: www.ahmetkeles.co.uk Let’s create together!