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I love baby feet. I don’t know why, but when I see those little toes I can’t resist. Maybe this explains my limitless patience with newborns; anytime they might fuss or cry or spit up I seem to just think of tiny perfect little toes and forgive them everything. One beaming smile from a toddler erases the half hour long tantrum and the lollipop sticking to his shirt, or mine. A one year old covered in cake and flinging it about the room with reckless abandon? I don’t cringe at the cleanup, I’m too busy thinking how much that glob of frosting on her check brings out her blue eyes and the gleeful smile of being in the moment as sometimes it seems only children can be. Later, once you’re home relaxing after the session, I might wonder how to get the icing off the ceiling with mild concern, but I’ll be smiling at the accomplishment of a one year old reaching the ceiling while I do so. Naturally, I felt like the best thing for me to do was spend my time capturing what I consider to be the magic of children. I feel there is nothing else like it on the planet and when that inevitable moment of parental patience tested to the extremes comes, I want you to be able to look up at your wall and be reminded of that magic that you created in the world.

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