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Wedding Photography
Open 24/7

If you are here for wedding shoots , i can assist you with the full package! ( Gowns at addition charge )

Service Type: Photography
Category Filter: Weddings
Equipment: D7200 / 17-70mm / 35mm f1.8 / 11-16mm f2.8
Anywhere singapore, singapore Singapore 000000
About the service provider

I love to shoot people because of their expressions. Initially, i picked up photography by chance in Dec 2013. It started with cosplay since i passed by a convention by chance. The next day i went home, picked up my digital camera and start shooting, since the convention was 2 days long. After half a year, i realized my passion for photography. At then, i decided to buy my own DSLR. Since then, i slowly transition from shooting cosplay to events and weddings. I picked up my photography skills by keep shooting, watching tutorials and asking friends for help. Shooting cosplay also helped my quite a bit. The creativity to create unique effects from shooting cosplay is what i earned. I decided that photography is my passion, i'm gonna to stick to it all my life.

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