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Photography 101 for Beginners
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We are going to explore Rome while I teach you about photography: what makes a photo visually pleasing, framing, composition, and how to use the instrument you have to its fullest potential (i.e. manual mode, shutter speed, aperture). We'll stop at different locations, I will explain the rules and factors to be considered when taking a photo, and I will give you time to take photos and apply what you have learned. We will have various activities that are aimed to help develop our skills as photographers. You are free to ask me photography related questions anytime. I will also offer to take your portraits as a memento of your visit to the eternal city. Towards the end of our course, I will give you a brief lesson on editing. Teaching you how you can edit your photos on the go, so that you can do it efficiently on your free time and have travel photos that you can show off to your family and friends when you go back home.

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Equipment: Canon Eos 5D miii
  • Portrait Memento + USD $50.00
Rome Rome, Lazio Italy 00181
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I'm a professional lifestyle and travel photographer based in Rome. I came here five years ago, and fell completely head over heels in love with this city that I decided to stay for good! Aside from having clients, I've also worked as a photographer/content writer for an Expat Magazine in Rome, and last year, I was invited to exhibit my travel photos at an event for young artists. One passion I have is traveling and I travel often around Europe. I live to tell stories and capture timely moments through photographs.

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