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Bill Brady Shoots out of New York City, his farmhouse studio in upstate NY, Los Angeles and on location around the world. Classically trained in photography, he apprenticed under the famed food photographer Bill Helms for eight years before setting up his own studio.

While you may not know him by name chances are you have seen his work. From the iconic Boar's head posters to packaging photography for Walmart's Great Value brand to the, Brady has produced jobs ranging from start-ups to for fortune 100 companies.

His business and reputation are built on creativity and performance. He is always willing to go the extra mile, produce more than is expected and demand more from himself. These are the driving forces which allow him to exceed expectations while delivering assets to clients on time and on budget.

Brady has added tabletop motion to his offer and now produces video assets, commercials, and programming. Shooting motion was a natural evolution in his career allowing him to expand his universe, flex his creative muscle and open new avenues for his clients.

We invite you to review his portfolio to discover what makes his work stand out above his peers.
For bookings or inquiries please call 212-868-8049 or email [email protected]

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Still, photographs were my first encounter with uncensored truth. Photographs, captivating in childhood remain objects of personal fascination. War photography of Life Magazine, grainy black & whites, dye transfer images from the fifties, surreal colors ignited my imagination. Photography was still pure when I reached for my first camera. A picture was an ephemeral moment, captured. Thin sheets of light and silver, an equal dose of luck and talent proved sublime alchemy. There were no do-over’s, “fixing in post,” no rescue for the failed attempt. The odds were stacked against you. It was inherently difficult, technical and challenging. But when it worked, it was magic. Food, like film, is transformative. Chefs merge flavor, essence, and aroma. Much like a recipe, a still photograph requires the right combination of light, composition, and technique. Eating a meal or viewing an image offers a subjective sensual experience. I capture food, flavor, and form.

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