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I'm Gabriel and I'm an event photographer in London and UK for over 5 years now.
So far in my career as an event photographer I have traveled around the UK and Europe and shot all kinds of amazing events and I would love to shoot yours too.
I am incredibly in love and passionate about my profession. I approach my events in a relaxed, but professional manner, focusing on capturing those special moments in a creative and why not artistic way.
I like to make sure my client is 100% happy with what I do and I do my very best to achieve just that.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Service Type: Photography
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Equipment: Canon
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My name is Gabriel and I've been shooting event photography for 5 years now. In my travels I shot all over the UK and anything from a small garden party to a huge corporate gala dinner or a VIP party. I adore this job and I wouldn't do anything else for a living.

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