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Portrait Photography
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Berlin Berlin, Germany 10243
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My name is Alexander Rentsch. I was born on November 25th, 1983 and have been living in Berlin since 1985. In early 2003 I began to take an active part in photography. My first field of interest involved shooting sports-related photographs, especially skateboarding which offered me a wide range of interesting motifs. Shortly before receiving my degree in music-media-management my personal interest completely switched to general photography. During my second studies in 2008 I restarted my photographical efforts with encouragement from friends and family. I expanded my photographical interest to architecture which is to this day the main theme of my work. Through architecture photography I learned to work with using clear lines, wide rooms, varying from very bright to deep and dark, and I have photographed subjects that glow colorfully or ones that create a cold and sterile atmosphere. I also began to gain interest in portrait photography which – besides my architectural work – has generated a lot of interest and attention in my university, with my clients and on the internet. Motivated by the positive feedback I decided to study communication design at HTW Berlin in order to prepare my career in photography. Please feel free to take a look my work!

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