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In Love - Photography for Couples
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Photography for couples in love is all about your story, where your relationship takes the lead and sets the tone. Regardless of whether you’re engaged, already married or not thinking about a wedding at all, the photoshoot is a brilliant way to spend some time together in a quite extraordinary way. Maybe even looking at each other in a slightly different way? If you’re looking for an engagement shoot, this is an amazing opportunity to get comfortable in front of a camera and at thus reduce the stress related to photography on your wedding day. It could also be the perfect gift for your parents as a keepsake after the wedding.

A typical shoot lasts around 1-2 hours and can take place either on location or at your own house.

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About the service provider

Hi, my name is Magda and I'd love to be your photographer! :) Educated as a psychologist, a photographer by heart. A (little) crazy cat lady and a fruit tea lover. I can never decide between the sea and the mountains. I will always, however, choose nature over a busy city. As your photographer, I have the immense pleasure and honour of turning your moments into memories so real, that they evoke the light, the smell, your emotions and feelings of the day. It’s such a powerful thing and such a responsibility at the same time. My photographs are natural, spontaneous, and capture deep tones. During the photoshoot, I will give you some tips and directions; I will not, however, strictly pose you or look for a forced smile. What turns me on in photography are unstaged emotions and the raw feelings you have towards each other. I am mainly photographing in Berlin, Germany, where I’m currently based at. You can often find me in Rzeszów, Poland (my home town) or in various places in Scotland where I spent the last 6 years, studying and working. Travelling distances is never an issue: if you need a photographer anywhere else in the world, get in touch!

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