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Book me for your headshot pictures! I will take candide portraits to update your portfolio!

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Freelance portrait and event photographer with 5 years of experience and a passion for photography coupled with an innate drive towards self-improvement. I am effectively schooled in photographic concepts such as composition, lighting, comprehensibility; and the history of photography leading to an outstanding understanding of the medium. Although, I’m not just a photographer as I also have video skills such as shooting and video editing. I am able to fulfil the potential of any equipment I am working with since I have working knowledge of many photographic equipment and brands. I aim for professional results, using qualities such as my creativity and problem-solving skills, no matter the circumstance. I kindly strive to make my client happy, and believe in good communication of opinions and ideas, which will lead to a better understanding of their wants and needs before, during and after a shooting.

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